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Where does the Pixel Human brand come from?

Let's start with the words. Pixel because we're talking about digital. Human because that's what the digital world revolves around. Websites are built for and to serve people! Web design and development now is all about generating that personal touch in an impersonal medium. Pixels and humans, working hand in hand to create an intimate connection via a digital interface.

How about the graphic of the logo itself? The "x" carries more meaning than meets the eye. Take a look and you can see that it is made up of 9 dots or pixels. These represent the 9 year journey of the founding of Pixel Human.

In 2005, exactly 9 years ago at the time of writing in 2014, the ECD Graphics team saw the wave of the future and made the decision to migrate from strictly graphic design services into the digital sphere, creating the first website for a client. Now, 9 years later, they live and breathe digital. Designing, developing, programming and creating everything from responsive websites to mobile apps to customized programs and functionality, injecting all their digital projects with the visual flair and finesse that typifies an ECD Graphics design project .

With this shift in direction, it was time to create a new entity to house the web-based focus – enter Pixel Human. Bringing together the humans with the pixels to personalize the digital space for the new era of online communications. The web is such an exciting space and who knows where we will find ourselves in the decade to come, or heck, even next year. But one thing we know won't change – the human behind the pixel.